My aim

Keep on making art.

My belief

I believe that I gain most, when I talk about my truth calmly, friendly but definitely.

My comedy

I always try to see life from its funny side, try to have fun with friends and also with myself. Have you ever laughed about yourself? I do - that's my own private comedy.

My destination

Australia and Canada - for the freedom.

My element

The soil, the earth... Imagine the Outback in Australia with its wild and calm infinity. Or the woods in Canada with its amazing and deep pathlessness.

My freedom

My freedom is my self-containted thinking and acting.

My gift

Once I read the following about my name:

She will work tirelessly at every task she tackles, and can turn her hand to anything. A tower of strength.

But I think my main gift is my creativity, my ideas and to put them into action.

My hope

I hope that there will be an awakening one day. That mankind will start to look after our natural resources much better. Use more renewable energy, clear less woods and - in the event - take better care of our nature in its whole beauty. And another importance: start to live in peace as one.

My inspiration

The inspiration for my ideas and artwork comes from everywhere. Wherever I am - doesn't matter.

My joy

Get up in the morning and marvel what the day may bring and get to bed at night and be satisfied with the course of my life.

My kingdom

My home, the world I'm living in and my creativity.

My language

Bernese dialect is my first language. 

My madness

Sometimes I'm a bit mad - but honestly - madness helps you through the dump parts of your life.

My need

My need are the ideas. Without them I get bored. I need them to be creative in and with my life. 

My obligation

Life is an obligation. We are here to play our part the best way we can. To do everything that's in our power to lead and make the world a better place. 

My power

I do give power willingly but only if I get power back. Some people suck on you selfishly, not realizing that the battery may be empty somewhere along the way. 

My quote

Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.

Be kind...

My religion

I'm not religious, but I do believe in a higher being. There is something around us, always and everywhere. We don't need chirches for our beliefs and prayers.

My selfishness

I'm closest to myself. But that doesn't mean that I don't like to share and help. I just don't wanna give up myself for the pleasure, the well-being and selfishness of other people.

My temper

Is getting calmer and calmer...

My uncertainty

The future is always an uncertainty. To me and to everybody. You never know where the track may lead to. There will be changes. Tomorrow, in a year, in a decade or even later. But the uncertainty of this changes make life exciting and worth living.

My victory

When I arrive at the end of my track and can say - that was a good life and I learnt a lot.

My wish

To make this world a better place - but that's a good deal of work.

My xmas

Doesn't mean a lot to me in its classical meaning. It's more a time of self-reflection, to lean back and enjoy the silence of the busy world around us, when new fallen snow covers the streets. Have you ever noticed that a landscape covered with snow, swallows the nois?

My year

Goes fast. Guess yours too.

My chinese zodiac